In the heart of the Greek mainland, among the ridges of the Agrafa Mountains, lies an unfamiliar yet charmingly authentic world. In the northwest of Karditsa, where the Thessalian plain ends and the Agrafa Mountains begin, between rocks, snowy peaks, forests and cliffs, unfolds the untamed land of Argithea. Until recently, this area did not have any tourist infrastructure. That however, did not stop nature lovers, from seeking adventure and isolation there. Today, there are few, but very hospitable and quality guesthouses that will satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Top things to do

Stefaniada lake: This lake was created by a large landslide that took place in the winter of 1963. The road that passes by the lake, leads you through sparse oak forests and rocky landscapes, bringing you up to the Acheloos river, that flows tireless.

Anthiro: Outside the village of Anthiro lies the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with its extraordinary 17th-century hagiographies.

Archaeological sites: Archeology lovers can visit the area of Hellenika, near the village of Argithea and the excavated tombstones and remains of the ancient capital of Athamanes.

Petrilo: The school at the Petrilo village, built in 1884 and still standing tall, housed the Political Committee of National Liberation in 1944, chaired by the academic Alexandros Svolos.