A new exhibition titled “Art: Response to Conflict” will be inaugurated tomorrow July 17th and will run through to July 31st, at the City of Athens’ Serafio Cultural Center. The exhibition features works by 23 artists from all over the world, as well as handicrafts by Nelson Mandela.

The exhibition’s curator Vasia Deligianni, spoke to Katerina Poulopoulou’s radio show (“What’s on?”) on Athens 984: “It’s a group show featuring 23 artists from around the world (China, USA, Philippines, England, Cyprus, Greece, South Africa) who speak about the ways art has helped them in their lives to overcome the political, economic, social as well as internal conflicts they are faced with. The exhibition itself has played a big role in their lives and they talk about its impact on their lives. So we have some of Mandela’s works which is a bit surprising because it is not widely known that he used art to convey his political message”.

Among the participating artists are: multimedia artist and activist Wu Yuren, a political prisoner in China who managed to emigrate to New York where he lives and works today, Eva Stefani who participated in this year’s Venice Biennale, Eleni Fotiadou from Thessaloniki and Cypriot artists Melina Shukuroglou, Vicky Pericleous and Efi Savvidi.