“Greek and Turkish young people do not get many chances to meet each other -and this orchestra was created for this specific and unique moment. I believe very strongly that the musical and human contact established between the participants will be of great cultural and social benefit to both nations and will undoubtedly contribute to further understanding between these wonderful countries. In an era like ours, where things evolve so fast and no one listens to others, we suggest communication through the purity of the language of music”: These words of Leni Konialidis, founder and president of the Greek Turkish Youth Orchestra, provide its purpose and guide its functions. now active for an entire decade, the orchestra, consisting of approximately 60 talented young Greek and Turkish musicians, aged between 18 and 28, meets annually in the summer for rehearsals, before a series of concerts in different parts of both countries. For this year, the orchestra’s program in Greece includes performances in Rhodes, Crete, Elefsina and Athens, to take place in September. The Athens concert will take place at the Zappeion Megaron.

Conducting the orchestra will be the fast rising maestro Zoe Zeniodi, the orchestra’s first female Greek conductor.

Zoe Zeniodi, is the first woman with a Doctorate in Orchestral Conducting in Greece, and was chosen among 156 candidates by The Dallas Opera as a member of the Institute of Women Conductors. Recently, she had her Carnegie Hall debut where she conducted the New England Symphonic Ensemble.

The tour dates for each stop are:

September 1, Rhodes
September 4, Herakleion
September 5, Rethymnon
September 7, Elefsina
September 8, Athens

For more on conductor Zoe Zeniodi, you can visit her personal website.

You can watch a documentary on the Greek Turkish Youth Orchestra here.
The orchestra’s website is www.gtyo.org.