Author Victoria Hislop, who became internationally famous with her bestseller “The Island”, which was turned into a TV series for the Greek television, became a Greek citizen.

The British author, who had expressed her desire to obtain Greek citizenship, during an interview, was granted a Greek citizenship for promoting internationally the Spinalonga monument and the modern Greek history and culture.

The presidential decree of Victoria Hislop’s honorary naturalization was published in the Greek government gazette.

“We honorably naturalize as a Greek citizen, the foreign citizen HISLOP VICTORIA of JOHN EVERARD, born on 8-6-1959 in Bromley, UK”, states the decree of the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

The decision takes into account the “global promotion of the Spinalonga monument” through Hislop’s work, as well as the “promotion of modern Greek history and culture”.