From November 1, the legendary play “What Ever Happened Baby Jane”, will be presented at the Sfendoni theater for the second year, in Apollonas Papatheocharis’s direction, with Roula Pateraki in the role of Baby Jane, and Betty Livanou in the role of Blanche.

The play follows Jane Hudson, a child-wonder featured in the glamorous shows of the 1910s, who grew up in the shadow of her more beautiful and talented sister, Blanche, herself a great Hollywood star in the 1930s. Twenty years following what for some was a terrible accident, and for others was an attempted murder, that has left Blanche disabled, the two women continue to live together. As reality begins to be too much for them, the once golden girl, Baby Jane, becomes unhinged in an unparalleled sadistic game with no boundaries.

Completing the cast are Penelope Markopoulou, Nektariya Yiannoudakis, Alexios Diamantis.

Where: Sfendoni theater
When: November 1 onwards, for a limited run

Admission: € 10-16

For advance tickets, click here.