The students of the General Primary Education returned to their desks today after a two-month break, which was “dictated” by the epidemiological data  presented nationwide last November.

It is reasonable that the return of children to school is accompanied by measures to prevent and protect against coronavirus. Among them, the mandatory use of face masks indoors and outdoors, the meticulous cleaning and ventilation of school halls and the use of antiseptics. to school desks for kindergarten and elementary school students

Additional precautionary measures concern social distancing during the arrival and leaving of students from schools.

“The joy of the children is great and so is ours,” said Ms. Kerameos during her visit this morning to primary schools in Metamorfosi and Nea Chalkidona, Attica, while emphasizing that live in person  learning is a priority of the government and assured that efforts will be made to make the process as smoothly as possible.