The Onassis Cultural Center joins forces once again with London’s Barbican Centre in an exhibition that spotlights the long-standing influence of science fiction on the full range of contemporary culture. Looking at a genre that once addressed a small and specialized audience, but is now everywhere, thanks to its impact on art, design, film and literature, the exhibition opens on October 9, and is scheduled to run until January 14.

The exhibition is setup in four different sections, which include more than 800 works. The first section, Weird Travels, considers the work of the genre’s pioneering visionaries to explore the unknown and inaccessible regions of Earth and the other planets. In the second section, Space Odysseys, visitors can find beings from other planets, and spaceships from distant places. The Wonderful New Worlds, the third section, returns to Earth to witness the fall and extinction of society. For Extreme Borders, the exhibition’s last section, visitors have a chance to delve into the human body and mind, and even question the very existence of mankind, getting to know cyborgs, clones and robots in landmark works of literature, films, and TV series.