Fifteen Greek artists, each of them personally and spiritually linked to Constantinople narrate “The Beauties from Peran” through their art, as they present their works in a group exhibition running from March 16 to April 13 at Constantinople’s Sismanoglio Hall, with the support of the Consulate General of Greece in Constantinople.

Exhibition curator, Iris Kritikou, explains how the idea for the exhibition was born “by the desire to express what all of us who have for lesser or greater periods of time feel for this unique crossroads of East and West that is Constantinople. The works in the exhibition -paintings and photographs- are related to each other in the way the memories of all the inexhaustible destinations are related.”

The exhibition’s title is an obvious obvious reference to Dimitrios Papadopulos’s (Tymfristos) popular 1920 melodrama, “The Beauty from Peran,” and to the 1953 Orestis Laskos movie of the same name, filmed in Constantinople, which found a success similar to that of the book.

In autumn of 2018, the “The Beauties of Peran” exhibition will also be presented at the Foundation of the Hellenic World’s Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center in Athens.