The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation presents a “Black Box” that contains all the information of our time and lives, of the people of Athens and our stories. The Foundation’s call to some of the artists it respects was about the maturation –of the individual, of societies, of our very country. It is neither necessarily like a teenager’s maturation through adolescence, nor like the maturation of someone moving away from a carefree and responsibility-free period of their life to a more uncertain and demanding condition. More than that, it concerns how the certainties of an ordered microcosm, and the acceptance of an uncomfortable contact with a possibly ignored or intentionally overseen reality, dealing with anything from searching for one’s identity, to redefining gender.

Christos Paridis is the Black Box theatrical and audiovisual platform’s artistic director, which currently and until November 25 presents Violet Louise’s performance of Giorgos Veltsos’ “Wintertime August”, and follows this up with the performances:

“Moth”, directed by Andreas Konstantinou

“Years… in a day”, by Allen Barton, directed by Sophia Papadopoulou

“Baby with the Bathwater”, by Cristopher Durang, directed by Anastasia Koumidou

“Wanderer”, a Thanassis Kokalidis performance, inspired by the work of Fernardo Pessoa

Sunday, by Ilias Panagiotakopoulos – Urbn Theatr

Video art, curated by Nikos Giavropoulos

For more information, please visit the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation’s website.