Two Greek-American brothers realized their dream to bring Ancient Greek mythology to the American public. Screenwriters Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, have created a new anime series titled Blood of Zeus, for Netflix.

The anime follows a young man known as Heron (s.s. Heron, from the Greek word “hero”). After he’s cast aside from his people he learns that he’s the illegitimate son of Zeus. This new hero becomes the only one capable of saving the Heavens and the Earth and defeating the demons that threaten to enslave everything. But can he save his world before a goddess who wants him dead has her way?

“We are very proud of the series and how it has evolved. We have been pitching to those responsible, a series based on Greek mythology. The narrative shows that Greek mythology had an oral tradition that was never fully recorded, as happened with the Bible and, over the centuries, some stories were lost and the story we tell, is one of them”, says Charley Parlapanidis.

The Parlapanidis brothers are first generation Greek Americans with origins in Western Greece. The two brothers, who have been living in California for 17 years, visit the Achaean Capital and Kyllini as often as they can, speak Greek and often try through their work, to promote their Greek heritage.

The series will start airing on October 27.