What is a saint in the form of a dog doing in a Museum? What stories are hidden behind a sawed image? What can three saints hide behind their backs?

These questions are invited to answer the Byzantine and Christian Museum archaeologists Nikos Kastrinakis and Nikolas Konstantios and the Museum’s preservationist Tzeni Perdikari, on Monday 14 May 2018 at the Theotokopoulos House in Patisia.

The Byzantine Museum’s past, its permanent exhibition as well as the promotion and the preservation of its collection, will unfold through the bizarre stories of three icons.

The event is part of the “Athens World Capital Book 2018”, an international distinction the Municipality of Athens and our city received from UNESCO. This distinction will run from April 23, 2018 to April 22, 2019 and is organized in collaboration with the municipality’s Athens Culture Net in the context of the “Culture in Neighborhoods” program.

The Municipality of Athens Theotokopoulos House belongs to the Counter-Council for Children and operates in partnership with the Athens Culture Network for Culture.

When : Monday 14 May at 18:30.

Where: Theotokopoulos house (34, Theotokopoulou Street, Patissia).

The entrance is free.

ERT SA is the event’s media sponsor.