The FlightNetwork travel guide, one of Canada’s greatest and most prestigious, had a significant distinction in store for Ancient Olympia’s “Archimedes Museum,” featuring it at #2 of its list of Europe’s 10 “Best Hidden” museums, and unreservedly recommending its readers to visit it.

The Archimedes Museum, a thematic science and technology museum devoted to antiquity’s greatest mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer and inventor, takes the number 2 spot among 10 museums from Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands, as an alternative and especially interesting suggestion for those who want to marvel at and partake in the cutting-edge technology of the late Greek antiquity.

The museum hosts works by the great Syracusan scientist, as those have been reconstructed in the greatest detail, and complemented by audiovisual material, photographs and bibliographic references. Many of the exhibits are also interactive.

The Archimedes Museum, along with the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, recently opened at the center of Athens (Pindarou 6, Kolonaki), and with the homonymous museum in Katakolo, Ilia, make up a panorama of antiquity’s unique technological miracle.