The Cavafy International Summer School continues its works at the Onassis Library until Saturday July 13. This is the third annual scientific event organized by the Cavafy Archives and the Onassis Foundation, which is dedicated exclusively to K.P. Cavafy and the global impact of his work.

The inaugural summer school, in July 2017, had “Cavafy in the World” as its theme, while in 2018 the international scholarly group engaged with the theme “Cavafy and Antiquity.”

This year, the intensive seminars and workshops collectively titled “Cavafy’s Orient/ations” will focus on the multiple (geographical, aesthetic, historical, etc.) topographies and cultural dynamics of Cavafy’s work, and will approach the Cavafy phenomenon in its broader geographical and historical range, both during the period of Cavafy’s life in Alexandria and in subsequent decades when his poetry became a major literary event at a global scale.

The International Cavafy Summer School 2019 is curated by Stathis Gourgouris (University of Columbia) and Takis Kayalis (Hellenic Open University), who, referring to this year’s theme, said that “it is not Cavafy’s ties with Greece that are investigated, but his placement at a cusp: at the cusp between East and West. His relationship to many things is being investigated: to Arabic literature, to cosmopolitanism and to a series of multicultural crossroads. And let us not forget his life in an international city center, as was Alexandria at the time, as well as its ancient or modern history against the backdrop of the great empires”.

Thanks to the Onassis Foundation and the Cavafy Archive sponsorship, the Summer School covers the costs of tuition fees, accommodation and subsistence for all participants.