Domestic coronavirus cases are increasing, while experts are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in large urban centers, as well as the spike of infections in children (from infants to 17 years).

Of the 57 new cases the National Public Health Organization (EODY ) reported on Wednesday, 13 are imported. The 44 domestic ones are located: 18 in Attica, 11 in Thessaloniki, 7 in Kavala, 2 in Lefkada and one each in Achaia, Imathia, Kilkis, Corinth, Dodecanese and Rodopi. In total, the coronavirus cases are 4,336, while the number of victims remains at 203.

In addition, the spike of Covid-19 infections in children raises concerns among scientists and the authorities.

According to EODY’s epidemiological data, 167 children have been tested positive since the beginning of the surveillance until June 8. Since then, another 98 cases were added, bringing the total number to 265.