A political conflict is raging over  the Prime Minister’s lunch on the terrace  of the house of the New Democracy MP Christodoulos Stefanadis, on Saturday in Ikaria, on the sidelines of the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the vaccination centers in the Southeast Aegean.

Alexis Tsipras submitted , brought the the issue to Parliament, with a key question whether the Prime Minister considers that his behavior is in line with the restrictive measures announced by him and the government.

The president of SYRIZA speaks about “a move of incredible arrogance, which in any other country would cause a major government crisis.

“ What does he replies  to catering professionals who are in despair without any government support? “What does he has to say to the citizens who, correctly observe the measures? ».

“These  images  cancel the main message of the Prime Minister’s visit to isolated islands on the big issue of vaccination.

The Prime Minister will continue these tours, it is his conscious decision to visit Greek villages and islands. Images like these in Ikaria do injustice to the essence of the visit ” the deputy government spokeswoman commented.

“The fines, as it seems, are not for the monarch Mr. Mitsotakis, but only for the citizens,” SYRIZA stressed.


Grigoris Tatsis