The Corfu Port Authority (OLKE) has donated to the Corfu Prefecture’s People with Disabilities Association a wheelchair to facilitate access to the sea for its members. The donation is part of OLKE’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, which in recent months have included a great number of donations to community support associations.

Donations such as that by the Corfu Port Authority empower the Corfu Prefecture’s People with Disabilities Association in its efforts to offer its members and island visitors safety and ease of access to the island’s beaches. The infrastructure being developed can also be used by seniors, and are necessary as well for people with mobility restrictions, who look for such accommodations at their travel destinations.

The ten beaches where such chairs have become available so far are expected to double in a short while. It should also be stressed that the safeguarding and maintenance of the equipment is provided by local businesspersons with no direct personal gain of their own.