Greece recorded 549 intubations on Monday while ICU’s reached capacity of 86%.

A total of 1388 new cases were diagnosed over the country.

Doctors and health officials have long been concerned about hospitals ability to support the rising number of incubated patients.

 In Thessaloniki where the pandemic has spread rapidly hospitals capacity have already reached 90%.

 In an attempt to prevent a collapse of the Health System the government took over two private hospitals and an Army field hospital to treat COVID-19 patients .

 A total of 4.400 patients with the coronavirus are currently being treated in hospitals all over Greece.

 Experts of the Health Minisrty Committee consider this week particularly critical as they anxiously waiting encouraging signs that would relieve some of the pressure of the country’s National Health System. Such a development would also open the way for a gradual de-escalation of restrictive measures .