As of today, supermarkets across Greece, will restrict the number of customers inside a store at any given moment, in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.
Specifically one person per 10 square meters will be allowed in a supermarket according to a legislative act implemented as of today. People can also order their groceries online to be delivered to them at home. Supermarkets will also be allowed to make deliveries on Sundays.

In his statements to ERT, Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis called for compliance with preventive measures and to avoid overcrowding in the supermarkets.

The minister stressed that there is no reason to panic because there is and will be an adequate supply of products on the market and added that as of Thursday there will be a new supply of antiseptics available in all supermarket chains. The supermarkets and grocery stores’ opening hours will also be considered today.

He further announced that the government’s next legislative act would involve new measures in order to curb profits in the sale of critical healthcare material with price controls and heavy fines.

Finally, disposable gloves will be available at the farmers markets for the consumers.