Greece marked a new negative record of daily coronavirus cases yesterday, thus rekindling the scenarios for additional restriction measures.

In the last 24 hours, 453 new coronavirus cases were registered in Greece, of which 184 were detected in the Kara Tepe Lesvos Hospital and 174 in the Attica Region.

At the same time, 8 coronavirus infections have been identified at Mount Athos in the last few hours. A team from the National Health Organization (EODY) will go to Mount Athos to carry out tests, as there are fears of widespread spread of the virus.

Several schools have already closed, leaving parents and teachers anxious. Students are protesting in various areas in the country, and request the implementation of additional protection measures, such as smaller classes and increased distancing within the classroom.

According to infectious disease specialist Nikos Sypsas, a local lockdown is possible for the Attica region. “We have taken and will take whatever measures are needed to protect public health”, said government spokesman Stelios Petsas.