CORRECTION: In the story "Athens Metro revenues up 10-12.5% after e-ticketing introduction", the increase relates to the monthly rates of increase seen since the e-ticketing system was introduced. Please correct the headline and the introductory paragraph.

The corrected story follows, with no other changes:

Athens Metro monthly revenues up 10-12.5% after e-ticketing introduction

Athens Metro revenues have been rising at the rate of 10%-12.5% per month since the introduction of e-tickets, Stasy CEO Giorgos Thomopoulos told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) in an interview published Thursday.

Stasy manages the Piraeus-Kifissia electric train (Isap) and the tram.

Thomopoulos also said that an upgrade of outdated ticket-issuing machines will help reduce the long lines at ticket counters or e-machines, which occur at the beginning of each month as people rush to renew their monthly passes or load more tickets on their cards.

Among other issues, he said the company was considering upgrading the subsystems of Isap trains, following the last major upgrade that ended in 2010. Some of the trains have reached the 30-year life limit and targeted upgrades would allow an extension of that for at least another 15 years, he said.

?We are also considering the upgrade of Line 1 (Isap) from Faliro station to Piraeus, combined possibly with sinking of that system underground,? Thomopoulos said.

Asked to comment on weekend service on the Metro, which is infrequent, he said that ?there are personnel shortages in drivers, and the shifts are covered mostly with overtime shifts.? He said that when three new stations are added to Line 3 (Agia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikea), ?we will be allowed to issue a call for more driver hires.?