Costa Gavras began filming his 19th film, which is based on Yanis Varoufakis’ book titled “Adults in the Room” where former Finance minister recounts his short term at the office. The shooting will last 12 weeks and will take place in Athens, Brussels, Riga, Frankfurt and London.

“The history of a country and its people trapped in a power grid: the vicious circle of Eurogroup meetings that imposed the dictatorship of austerity in Greece. Behind closed doors, a human tragedy unravels. An ancient Greek tragedy of modern times. We have secured a group of top actors from Greece and other European countries,” said Gavras.

From the Greek side, Manos Crezias’ Odeon is in charge of production while Kostas Lambropoulos is responsible for production management. From the French side, France Télévisions and Wild Bunch, which also owns distribution rights in France and worldwide.

Cinema lovers expect to see how Costa Gavras will summarize one of the darkest periods of modern Greek history, who has stated that he fully agrees with Varoufaki’s views on Greece and Europe.