The increase in the number of intubated patients in the ICU is a cause for concern, while the large increase in the viral load in Thessaloniki also foreshadows tougher measures. At the same time, the possibility of using the double mask comes to the fore again, especially in places with social interaction.

Yesterday, the data of the epidemiological report of EODY were not good,

Despite the small number of cases  recorded due to fewer tests because of bad weather , the number of intubated patients was literally shot at 313 patients in the ICU.

In Attica, out of the total 240 beds, 204 are occupied and 36 vacancies have been left. The new cases were 755, of which 231 were in Attica, 125 in Thessaloniki and 61 in Achaia. The total number of cases is 174,659. The death toll was 13, bringing the total to 6,194 since the pandemic began.

Grigoris Tatsis