Attending the official inauguration of a new elevator for people with disabilities at the Athens Acropolis on Thursday, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni highlighted the contribution of the Onassis Foundation in making the monument fully accessible to those with mobility issues and stressed that the project was fully in line with the laws on antiquities.
“It is a project that was completed very quickly due to the excellent collaboration of all the external contractors of the Onassis Foundation with the culture ministry’s agencies, under the expert supervision of Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments and of Professor Manolis Korres,” Mendoni said.
Addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who was present at the event, she noted that his sensitivity to issues concerning people with disabilities was well known. “The Acropolis elevator, the paths and full accessibility in general are part of the national plan. We are very happy that today, you will be the first to visit the Acropolis in its new form,” she said.
On his part, Onassis Foundation President Antonis Papadimitriou noted that the Athens Acropolis was a monument of universal significance for all people and “a bright beacon of optimism”. He also highlighted how the project at the Acropolis served to project “the respect and the care of the Onassis Foundation for the preservation of cultural heritage, democratisation of knowledge, free accessibility and equal rights.”
“We are not only a private entity that makes donations but we contribute equally to the planning and design of any project we undertake. In this way, we build bridges of cooperation and unleash the hidden forces of Greece at its best,” he said, while also mentioning that images of the Acropolis had gone around the world following the installation of its new lighting, which was also the result of cooperation between the Onassis Foundation and the state, and noting that the monument remains “a reminder that man is the measure of all things.”
“It also remains a promise that democracy is the home of all of us. Especially in the conditions we are experiencing at this time, this home must remain permanently open, accessible and bright,” added Papadimitriou.