Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni presented the actions and measures for the support of the culture sector, artists and workers affected by the restriction measures during the coronavirus pandemic, and pointed out that the goal is to keep the sector active.

She announced that the archeological sites will open on May 18, and that the rehearsals and the film shootings will also restart.

Open air cinemas will open on June 1st. Starting June 15th, the museums, the Athens and Epidaurus festival and the outdoor events will also take place.

In addition, Lina Mendoni announced the extension, under certain conditions, of the 800-euro special monthly income support retroactively to artists and employees in the Culture sector, whose contracts ended prematurely.

Also, an artists’ registry will be created for the first time, in order to make it easier to set up political and financial tools.

The pandemic highlighted structural problems in the culture sector and one of them is undeclared work, said Ms. Mendoni in her statement.