The Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense approved in principle  the draft bill extending the Greek territorial waters on the Ionian Sea up  to cape Tainaro in the Peloponnese to 12 nautical miles .

The approval came from all parties except the Communist Party which voted “present “

“Greece exercises sovereignty  in the Ionian to Tainaro.  Greece fully reserves its right to expand its territorial waters and to exercise the rights of national sovereignty. It is not thought that any of them can be renounced “, said Nikos Dendias and repeated that” the next phase will concern the area south of Crete and the relevant studies are being done on it “. He added that : “this does not mean that Greece does not retain fully  the right to extend the territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Aegean Sea as well”

The Foreign Minister also described as important the position of the Russian Foreign Minister, during his visit to Athens, who “clearly clarified his country’s position regarding the right of sovereignty of Greece.”

“Today was an excellent day for the Greek Parliament. A day of empathy, solidarity, national reconciliation, national consensus. I am deeply moved, thank you very much for your position that serves the national interest,” said the Greek Foreign Minister.

Nikos Dendias, is currently visiting Italy and Portugal, where he will meet with his counterparts Luigi di Mayo and Augusto Santos Silva, with whom he will discuss issues of bilateral and European interest.