An island at the edge of the Cyclades island cluster, molded by the Aegean sun and the sea bream, lonely in its simplicity. Anafi remains untouched by mass tourism, preserving its pure nature and traditional style.

The island has been gradually taking its place among the universe of tourist attractions. Today, the island of Anafi is able to provide the traveler – who does not visit Anafi as a typical tourist but who usually has all the features of the old traveler-explorer – with all the necessary services. A traveler-explorer may constantly discover a virgin and eerie place by approaching it through land and sea.

Anafi’s Chora is a traditional Cycladic village with vaulted white houses with blue windows. Its narrow paved alleys crossing it from edge to edge, lead to the Venetian Castle, the original core and heart of the village.

The beaches of Anafi are a comparative advantage for the island due to their exotic character, which attracts lovers of open landscapes and nudism.

Kalamos Island, a wonderful monument of nature and undoubtedly the “jewel” of Anafi may be seen from every corner of the island. It is an imposing limestone rock of 460 meters, connected to the rest of the island through a small isthmus. It is considered to be the second largest rock of the Mediterranean after Gibraltar, and is included in the Natura 2000 network of protected areas.


Translation: Angeliki Dervou