Greek Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis sent a message, from  Washington, to Turkey, to respect international legitimacy, pointing out that Greece remains a pillar of stability in the region, while underlining the importance that Athens attaches to defense cooperation with the United States.

The Greek minister paid an official visit to the US capital and had a series of contacts with deputies and senators at Congress and he also spoke at the official dinner of the 35th Congress of the World Coordination Committee of the Cyprus Struggle (PSEKA).

In his speech Mr. Apostolakis expressed his major concern about Turkey’s recent illegal activities related to the Cypriot EEZ, saying that our country has a “difficult neighbor” with whom it has to coexist.

“I am concerned about Turkey’s destabilizing role and problematic stance expressed through unfounded allegations that violate our national sovereignty and rights,” he noted.

“Greece’s firm policy and desire is peaceful coexistence with its neighbors on the basis of international law, current treaties and legality,” said Mr Apostolakis.