Egypt and Greece signed an agreement on the demarcation of maritime zones, in Cairo on Thursday.

“This agreement allows both countries to maximize the use of available resources in the exclusive economic zone”, said Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry after the signing of the agreement.

His Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias stressed that “today’s agreement confirms and guarantees the right and influence of our islands on the continental shelf and an Exclusive Economic Zone” adding that Greek-Egyptian relations are entering a new phase of closer ties.

Mr. Dendias underlined that the agreement has been concluded in the framework of International Law and contributes to the stability and security in the region, resolving a long-standing issue.

The Greek minister pointed out that the agreement between Greece and Egypt is the complete opposite of the illegal, invalid and non-existent memorandum of understanding between Ankara and Tripoli and said that Greece will continue to move with the same determination, aiming at the demarcations with the other bordering countries, but always in the context of International Law and International Law of the Sea.

According to diplomatic sources, the current demarcation is partial, meaning that it is part of a total subsequent demarcation between the two countries, which, however, secures the influence of our islands in maritime zones.