Eight people were detained by the police during clashes with rioters on Alexandras Avenue on Saturday evening, outside the Ambelokipi metro station and the Hellenic Police central headquarters. The detainees have been taken to the state security police.

The incidents occurred after the annual protest march to the US Embassy, held each year to mark the anniversary of the November 17, 1973 student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic. They erupted with an anarchist bloc was passing through the Panormou Street and Alexandras Avenue junction and a group attacked police men standing outside the station with stones, lengths of wood and fire extinguishers.

The police responded with the use flashbang grenades and chemicals to drive the rioters back, while they also gave chase and detained eight individuals.

In the meantime, rioting broke out around the Polytechnic building and the Exarchia district generally, with youths lobbing stones and fire bombs at police from the grounds of the Polytechnic and incidents reported on Stournari, Tositsa and Tsamadou streets. Those involved have set up roadblocks and are throwing firebombs, stones and various other objects at police, who replied with teargas and flash grenades.