A few days before the crucial referendum in FYROM for the change of the name of the country, The French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the citizens of the neighboring country with a message in favor of the Prespa Agreement, in the context of the support in the agreement between Athens and Skopje expressed by foreign leaders so that the referendum has a positive outcome.

In a video message, the French president stresses that the world has been waiting for 27 years for this agreement, which he characterizes as a result of the courage demonstrated by the leaders of Greece and FYROM, and calls on the citizens of FYROM to participate in the referendum and vote in favor of the agreement.

On the other hand, the President of FYROM Mr. Gjorge Ivanov, speaking at a rally in New York, reiterated the claim that the Prespa Agreement is unconstitutional and detrimental to the national interests of his country and announced his decision to abstain from the referendum.