Minister of Environment and Energy Giorgos Stathakis, speaking at a conference organized by the National Committee for Energy and Climate, announced on Thursday a series of initiatives promoting the switch to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and to electric power for the transport sector.

?For the first time, the country has a long-term energy plan. In order to achieve the ambitious goals we have set and implement the most efficient policy framework, we need a path where everybody can rally together: the public and private institutions that are involved with energy and, of course, the consumers. Also, the transformation of the national energy sector needs to make use of research and technology and become a pillar of development for the Greek economy,? the minister said.

He then presented the main aspects of the Greek National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), which is currently under public consultation. These are:

- A target to save energy by a yearly improvement rate of at least 1.5 pct

- A long-term reconfiguration of the energy mixture, to include more RES and less lignite

- Measures against energy poverty.

?Ensuring that everyone has access to energy is a priority for the government,? Stathakis noted.