The 11th annual London Greek Cinema Festival concluded with the Odysseus and the Cosmocinema Awards which took place at London’ Theatro Technis.

Since 2008, the London Greek Film Festival has been promoting Greek or Greek related feature fiction films, short films, documentaries, animation, experimental films, video art and music videos.

This year’s festival featured a rich competition section with several world and UK premieres, outstanding films from across the world and inspiring creators. The program included feature and short fiction films, documentaries, video art, experimental films, animation and music videos. There was also a special script competition section.

The film entitled Europe which was directed by Stavros Stratigakos and produced by ERT, won the best creative documentary prize. The documentary is inspired by the myth of the kidnapping of Europe and her fall into the sea. No Crete is waiting for Zeus and beautiful Europe.

Only the sea which has become a mirror of Europe’s deadlocks and the nightmare of tomorrow’s human, a little refugee girl finds herself in the midst of the downfall of European Enlightenment’s accomplishments.