With the most important challenges for the Euro Mediterranean region as its main theme, the annual Euro – Mediterranean Summit, organized by the European and the Greek Economic and Social Committee, concludes its works today.
The promotion of legal immigration in Europe, the social protection in the Mediterranean region, the role of civil society in the upcoming COP22 international conference on climate change and women as job creation factors in the Euro – Mediterranean area are in the basic agenda of the discussions.
Economic and social councils or similar institutions, employers’ associations, trade unions and other economic and social interest groups from 33 countries as well as NGOs from all Mediterranean countries are participating in the Summit. The Final Declaration of the Summit will be sent to the political authorities of the Euro area as a contribution of the Civil Society and will be widely disseminated among Civil Society organizations.
Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras opened the session, and addressing a greeting he reiterated that our creditors should honor their commitments to come up with concrete measures for debt relief by the end of 2016.