The tranche of 15 billion euros, which is connected to the conclusion of the fourth review, is about to be disbursed. Within this scope, one more EuroWorking Group will be held, before the Eurogroup of July 12th that will be the last of this summer. The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) will convene immediately afterwards to approve the tranche disbursement.

On Monday, the interim Monetary Policy report of the Bank of Greece will be published, regarding the sustainability of Greece’s debt. According to information, the Bank administration estimates that the recent decisions ensure the debt’s medium-term sustainability, however it has doubts over the long-term period; the European partners have committed to revaluing the issue providing additional relief, if needed.

European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici will come to Athens for a two-day visit, where he will meet with the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister to discuss the next day of Greece’s economy. The European Commissioner, who has repeatedly stressed that the supervision does not equal a new program, will also meet with the President of New Democracy and with the head of the Movement for Change. On Tuesday, Mr. Moscovici will make a speech before a joint meeting of the parliamentary committees on the subject “A new chapter for Greece”.