BRUSSELS (ANA/ M. Aroni) The European Parliament on Thursday asked for an investigation into the death of Konstantinos Katsifas, a Greek national, in an ethnic Greek village in southern Albania. Also on Thursday, the EuroParliament adopted a resolution for the start of EU accession talks with Albania and other Western Balkan countries.

The amendment requesting a full investigation by Albanian authorities into the circumstances leading to Katsifas' death was adopted by a large majority and included in the European Parliament's report on Albania's accession course.

Among others it referred to the tension following the incident in which Katsifas, an ethnic Greek with dual Albanian and Greek nationality, was shot and killed by Albanian Police Special Forces (RENEA) during events in the village of Bularat on October 28, 2018 to commemorate the Greek soldiers that fell in WWII. It called for restraint on all sides and asked Albanian authorities to fully clarify the events that led to the Katsifas' death.