The great fire which started in Kalamos, Attica, on Sunday afternoon still rages with the fiery front heading to Varnavas village and Grammatiko village.

It is an immeasurable disaster, since, according to Marathon’s Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection, Adam Megapanos, the fire has a 25-kilometer front and is burning an inaccessible area of very dense forest.

According to the Deputy Mayor, two military camps in the area are being evacuated and ammunition has been moved away, while two civilian summer-camps are being evacuated, besides the ones evacuated on Monday afternoon.

On the first day light, water splashes from 4 firefighting planes and 2 helicopters began, while winds range from 4 to 5 Beauforts.

Oropos area was declared in an emergency state, while the Civil Protection Secretary and the Mayor of Oropos call residents to evacuate the area immediately and limit their travel for safety reasons to help the traffic of vehicles involved in the firefighting task. It should be noted that citizens should not use water unnecessarily.

The traffic at the entrance of Kapandriti village road and the main road of Varnava village on the direction to the shore are blocked.

In Zakynthos island there are twelve fiery fronts burning for a 24-hour period leading the municipality to declared a state of emergency. Local and regional authorities express certainty that this is a work of arsonists. Α team of the Fire Service Arson Investigation Unit (DAEE) arrived at the island on Monday, while police patrols have been increased.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection in Attica, Evia, Aitoloakarnania, Eastern Peloponnese, Magnesia, Chalkidiki, Eptanisa, Eastern Crete, Dodecanese, Chios and Lesvos warns of a high fire risk with 6 to 7 beauforts winds blowing northerly in the Aegean.


Translation: Angeliki Dervou