The Global Feminist Strike launched in 2016, is organized in Greece for the first time ever, at the initiative of feminist and women’s organizations from all over the world. In 2018, 40 countries were officially involved, including Spain, where a historic march took place with more than five million women participating.

“Women still comprise the majority of the jobless and the long-term unemployed, are under-represented in parliament as well as in political and economic decisions, are the victims of gender violence and enforced prostitution,” stressed professor Maria Gatsouka.

“Where the system is meritocratic and the criteria are fair, women excel”, explained Mrs. Gatsouka, bringing the example of students in higher education, where women account for 60% of all students. MEP Konstantina Kouneva talked about a day of “true struggle for women’s rights”, suggesting that March 8 should be the same as May Day, that is, a day of strike and a holiday.

OTOE’s Secretary of Equality Sophia Kanda spoke about incidents of redundancies of pregnant women, sexual harassment, the exclusive assumption of all housework obligations entirely by women and their further pauperization during the crisis.

The strike and protest is supported by the Greek Confederation of Workers (GSEE), the Civil Servants Union (ADEDY), SYRIZA’s women’s rights groups, Movement for Change (KINAL) party as well as the Green Party.