At the first meeting of the Cabinet after the reshuffle that took place on Wednesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, referred to the relief measures for the vulnerable, such as the increase of the minimum wage and the rent subsidy, as well as the positive response from society. Alexis Tsipras urged the ministers to intensify their efforts during the critical eight-month period, putting an end to the scenarios for early elections.

Regarding the course of the economy, he stressed that the “Cassandras” who argued that the country would need a credit line, were contradicted and referred to the creation of a progressive pole, underlining that forces from all over the democratic spectrum are rallying with SYRIZA.

“Greece is moving ahead on a stable and secure path to recovery and is a source of good news in the international scene, even if some people in the country do not recognize it”, stressed the Prime Minister in his speech.