A unique museum opened recently in Athens featuring a large collection of exhibits that are bound to impress visitors of all ages. The Athens Pinball Museum, the first in Greece, showcases over 100 pinball machines, from 1958 to the most recent ones that have survived over the years. All machines are perfectly maintained, in excellent condition and 100% playable. The aim of the Museum is to present the pinballs’ electromechanics capacity as well as preserve them.

It all began back in the days of the French aristocracy, who couldn’t play cricket due to rain and they had to find an indoor activity, so the ancestor of pinball, the bagatelle was born.

Since then, the last pinball machines, have been added springs, given bent, feet, electronic recording score, sound, lights.

Pinball machines are revolutionary and interactive that follow the last trends of technology in complexity and timeliness. They also reflect the times they live in, its cultural references, themes, aesthetics, music, etc.

There is also a repair and maintenance workshop on the premises.


The entrance ticket at 10 euros includes a presentation and unlimited playing time on all machines without any extra charge.

Where: 2 Makri & 7 Dionysiou Areopagitou streets (Akropolis metro).

When: Monday through Sunday from 9am until midnight.