The English-language publication, and the Anglo-Saxon world-wide distribution of an anthology of modern Greek theater is now a fact. This is owed to the great British publishing house Oberon, which specializes in theatrical publications, but is also equally owed to Greece’s own Sokolis publications, which are set on a course of extroversion.

The volume is titled “The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Greek Plays” and includes five theatrical plays by contemporary Greek theatrical writers Charalambos Giannou (“Hunger”), Akis Dimou (“… and Juliet”), Lena Kitsopoulou (“MAIROULA”), Yannis Mavritsakis (“Wolfgang” ), and Nina Rapí (“Angelstate”). Among many initially suggested by Sokolis publications, Oberon selected the featured writers according to its distinct criteria: equal representation of men and women, and high quality translations.

The volume comes with a foreword by Giorgos Pefanis, Associate Professor at the University of Athens’s Department of Theater Studies. Pefanis outlines the panorama of contemporary theatrical production in Greece, allowing an international audience to become acquainted with modern Greek theater.