Greece and Turkey have agreed to hold the 61st round of exploratory contacts in Constantinople soon, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The resumption of Greece’s exploratory contacts with Turkey was announced by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, clarifying that they are talks and not negotiations.

Speaking at an online conference organized by the Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy and the Martens Center for European Studies, entitled “The Perils of Revisionism: Security Threats in the Eastern Mediterranean”, Dendias explained that holding talks means that we try to find rules on the basis of which we will negotiate. “Why is it so difficult? “Because Turkey does not accept international law as a common rule”, added the minister.

At the same time, the Foreign Minister outlined Turkey’s recent provocative and illegal actions in recent times. In particular, he spoke of a big escalation of Turkish provocation and illegal behavior in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as Turkey’s revisionism.

Referring to EU’ stance, Mr. Dendias stressed that it should stay on the side of its member states, not only because of its membership, but because the rule of law and in particular international law, is at stake. He also stressed that the EU must make it clear that if Turkey continues this behavior, it must be sanctioned, especially regarding its economy.