The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has replied harshly to the provocative statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the researches for hydrocarbons in the sea area of Cyprus and the expansion of Greece’s territorial waters.

“The Turkish provocations undermine the stability of the region at a crucial juncture,” reads the announcement of the Greek Ministry. At the same time, it is made clear that Greece is not going to be influenced by the neighboring country’s outbursts of aggressive rhetoric. “On the contrary, as a factor of stability and security in the region, Greece will continue, in collaboration with its allies and partners, to defend international law and its own inalienable rights.”

The Ministry concludes by stressing that whatever their differences, the rest of the countries in the Eastern Mediterranean recognize that energy must be a bridge of dialogue and cooperation in the region. “Instead of insisting on threats and on its illegal claims and challenges, Turkey ought to adhere to this responsible stance,” it is added.