A mistrial case brought by former chief corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou and her husband Lazaros Karnesis against Raikou's successor, Eleni Touloupaki, is to be heard before a special court for mistrials in March 2018.

The case is also directed against Touloupaki's two assistant prosecutors for corruption, Christos Ntzouras and Stelios Manolis.

Raikou and her husband are asking for 300,000 euros compensation for moral damages, alleging that the confidentiality of the investigation was violated, as was the couple's data privacy, in connection with a leak in the Novartis case. The alleged leak was on a list of doctors under investigation for the Novartis case, which included Karnesis.

The case is temporarily being handled by Council of State Vice President Spyridoula Chrysikopoulou.