An exciting 4-day musical celebration takes off next Thursday, March 23 at the Trianon Cinema to welcome spring. Kicking off the festivities are Mellentini and the Running Blue Orchestra, followed by Atomic Love and Nomik (March 24), Lunar Cycle and Nochnoy Dozor (March 25), and Jesters’ Fest (March 26), the newest addition to the city’s festivals.

Following her EP “Nightmares Avenue”, Μelentini visits Greece for a unique set on March 23, accompanied by the Running Blue Orchestra, which will present a folk-noir psychedelic/soul/nu jazz-inspired performance. Featuring songs from her previous and future works, the performance is complemented by visual effects. Mellentini’s friend and collaborator, Theodore, is the night’s opening act with his live improvisations.

On March 24, Nomik, of Sleepin Pillow and Universal Trilogy acclaim, performs for the first time his debut solo album, titled “I Ain’t Gonna Be A King”.
The album refers to the quintessential woman as source and fulfillment of love and creation, through 10 stories that touch upon the imaginary, the realistic, the classic, even the comic. “I Ain’ t Gonna Be A King” is rich in classical jazz, instrumental and electronic rock, references, and the vintage Greek sound of the’50s, ’60s and ’70s, as well as modern sound.

On March 25, female-fronted atmospheric alternative prog metallers Lunar Cycle set off on their course in the Athens’ underground scene of 2015. Their debut EP, “Filmy” was released in 2016 to favorable reviews and commercial appeal. Having performed alongside noted Greek acts like Mother Of Millions, Need, Hypnotic Nausea and MindthreaT, Lunar Cycle are already well on their own distinct path.

Newly minted Nochnoy Dozor specialize in ambient sounds characterized by women’s vocals. In the process of recording their debut album, this band of experienced individual performers appear together for the first time, bringing with them a vast collective experience.

Jesters’ Fest, the newest addition to the city’s festivals makes its debut on March 26, hoping to establish itself as an institution. Organized by Borderline Syndrome, its line-up includes the violin-guitar duo Underwater Chess, Borderline Syndrome, frsh off their “Synapses” EP, and the experimental jazz act Univoyage Experiment.

March 23
Doors open: 20:30
Theodore opening act: 21.00
Melentini: 22.00
Admission: € 7,00
Doors open: 21:00
Admission: € 8,00
Doors open: 20:30
Admission: € 7,00 (at the door), € 5,00 (advance)

Doors open: 20:00
Admission: € 8,00
For more information, please contact Trianon Cinema, at