"It is my belief that no additional austerity measures should be asked of Greece," former French president Francois Hollande said, speaking to Athens-Macedonia News Agency (ANA) on Thursday.

The Greek people have made significant efforts and results have even exceeded expectations in terms of surpluses, he continued, and said that Greece's access to private markets needs to be made easier, noting that events in Italy could have repercussions on Greece.

Hollande also stressed the importance of solidarity between the European partners and mentioned the example of Italy, whose failure to respect its obligations could delay Greece's access to the markets and have a negative impact on all European countries.

Earlier in the day, Hollande visited the Elaionas refugee reception centre. In response to journalists' questions, the former French president said that Turkey needs to respect its agreement with the European Union to control migration flows. Failure to do so could result in financial sanctions, as Turkey has received generous funding from the EU to help it control departures and accept readmissions.

Asked if he is worried about the rise of the extreme right, Hollande said that Europe needs to examine what the far right represents and how extreme right parties behave once elected to parliament, not just in the opposition but when in government. He mentioned the cases of France, Poland, Hungary, Italy and the U.S. in this context, noting that "it was not enough to be in ideological opposition, we must look at the repercussions from the popular vote."