Fraport Greece signed a contract with the Greek state for fire safety services in all 14 regional airports to be managed by Fraport under a 40-year concession agreement.

Under the terms of the contract, Fraport Greece will be responsible for offering fire safety services in airports, directly or through a professional service. A total of 540 fire fighters from the Hellenic Fire Service and the Air Force will be stationed at the 14 airports, according to international and national standards and the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Fraport Greece will pay 10.5 million euros annually for personnel payrolls and an annual 4.0 pct management fee over this sum.

The Hellenic Fire Service will offer 502 firemen to be stationed in 13 airports, while Fraport Greece will sign a separate contract with the Air Force for 38 firemen at the Aktion airport. Fraport Greece will take over maintenance and replacement of all equipment and buildings and the training of the firemen.