The French revolution is revived at the Onassis Cultural Center, as the latter is being transformed into the French National Assembly, thanks to director Joël Pommerat and his company drawing audiences into the vortex of history, showing everyone just how relevant everything the pioneers and opponents of European democracy said and did 228 years ago really is.

Awarded the 2016 Molière Award, France’s most talked-about production, “Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis” takes to the Athens theater stage. In it, 24 scenes inspired by the 1789-90 period, prove their present-day relevance, and establish a meaningful and exciting dialogue on democracy –a dialogue full of revolutionary visions, rightful claims, but also unspeakable foolishness, insults, even fighting, since every national assembly has some in-fighting.

Receiving rave reviews wherever it is performed, “Ça ira” is event theatre and an experience that is in turns violent and tender, funny and topical, ingeniously entertaining and profoundly enlightening on many levels.

Where: Onassis Cultural Center, main stage
When: October 4-8, 7:30 pm

Admission: €5-15