A national of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was arrested at the Greek borders in Evzoni after a police dog discovered 32 kilos of cannabis he was trying to smuggle into Greece.

The Central Macedonia Police's press officer Petros Tanos presented the Belgian Sheepdog ("Hani", in phonetic spelling) at a press conference in Kilkis on Wednesday, saying the dog is 10 years old and "has been serving in the Hellenic Police since he was two years old." The dog belongs to the Kilkis police department but assists in region of Central Macedonia cases as needed, Tanos said.

Kilkis police chief Ioannis Talabiris said the police received information on Friday that drugs would be smuggled in at Greece's borders with FYROM. The dog located the drugs, which were hidden in the car's fender and the dashboard, distributed into 61 packages weighing a total of 32 kilos and 776 grams.

The FYROM national, 36, has testified before a prosecutor and ordered detained pending trial.