There was a general consensus at the National Foreign Policy Council meeting, said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias. “This is the most powerful element in the quagmire of Greek diplomacy”, he said, adding that the country could address all problems seriously and calmly.

Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis revealed that the draft conclusions of the forthcoming EU Summit included explicit reference to the fact that the Memorandum between Turkey and Libya does not produce legal effects, which is a clear European response to the Turkish provocations.

SYRIZA MP and former foreign minister George Katrougalos said that our country should pursue an active foreign policy by exerting pressure, but also by continuing the dialogue with Turkey.

The national front is united, said KINAL MP Andreas Loverdos, who asked for a meeting between all political leaders. The content of the two letters addressed to the United Nations Secretary General and the presidency of the Security Council, was also revealed, whereby Greece seeks the condemnation of the Turkey-Libya agreement. In the letters it is also indicated that the two countries’ maritime zones are not adjacent, that the Agreement violates Greece’s sovereign rights and that it is void, as it was not approved by the Libyan Parliament.

The growing Turkish provocations and the actions taken by Greece were also discussed at the Prime Minister’s meeting with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt at the Maximos Mansion.

During the meeting, the Greek Prime Minister presented in great detail Greece’s positions and actions regarding Turkey’s provocations. Furthermore, the memorandum signing with Libya has been described as a “provocative act” by the US State Department.