The leaders of the criminal organization Golden Dawn arrived at the Attica police headquarters (GADA) in Athens on Thursday on their way to jail.
All leading members of the far-right Golden Dawn, a former parliamentary party, except second-in-command Christos Pappas and Eurodeputy Yiannis Lagos, arrived at GADA late on Thursday, after the criminal appeals court ruled they should be jailed immediately.
The attorney of former MP Pappas, who was sentenced to 13 years in jail for leading a criminal organization, said that his client would not turn himself in to police, because “he will serve the initial sentence before the case reaches the appeals court, when there will be a  new trial.”
To Thursday evening, most of the leadership of Golden Dawn except the two mentioned above turned themselves in to police voluntarily. In total, 22 people were held at the police HQ’s seventh floor, pending their transfers to jails, while another 10 were arrested at the appeals court immediately after the decision for immediate imprisonment.
A total of 50 people were sentenced in the trial of Golden Dawn, while the court on Thursday denied suspended sentences to 39 of them.
Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and leadership group members Ilias Kasidiaris, Lagos, Giorgos Germenis, Ilias Panagiotaros and Pappas were served 13-year sentences each.